Why little piggy? it was kind of a natural progression from our initial Piggy but were asked on several occasions “can you do a Piggy with just the back bit?” we left it a while and now here it is. Every rider is different but here are a few scenarios.

Rider 1 - I dont have room on my bike for enough water cos its so hot here in arizona. So, i always carry a pack or waist pack and i want to get rid of the weight off my back.

Rider 2 - I race enduro and have tried the strap only solutions but have lost a few because the aren’t very secure and the capacity is limited.

Rider 3 - I have a YT Jefsy and i dont use the waterbottle because its too small but i want to store my spares securely.


Direct Mount

The most secure option that wont scratch your frame and will enable quick access to your spares….

features - chain links

Strap it on

In addition to direct mounting Little Piggy we developed a very secure strap on system which uses super tacky non slip silicone inserts that touch the frame and will deform to fit different shapes. Additionally there is a rubber backed strap that adds to the grip to securely cinch down the platform. There is no need to remove the whole assembly to access tools like other strap solutions,


Syd and macky have been using them all year…