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Rider comments


‘Holy crap Paul, the product looks awesome.  Showed it to some of the guys here and they were all wanting one.’ 

- Kevin Menard Transition bikes


‘Had it a few weeks now, got properly tested today during peak pioneer. Works really well with my small frame. Cheers’

- Simon


‘Got mine in the mail the other day- fits great! ‘

- Doug


‘I've been using the Piggy on my Cotic Soul for a few weeks now, it's great to be free of my Camelbak.’

- Gez


‘What a great idea, I'm going to get another to use on my road bike.’

- Karen


‘Very happy having tools there rather than behind the saddle, and having the 'cradle' and strap attached to the frame is better than the common MTB approach of just strapping stuff directly to the frame, which i find can lead to frame wear or losing things.’



‘I have one of these on my road bike and absolutely love it. Now I can ride with virtually empty pockets, but still have tube, multi tool and C02, even has nice little molded in portion to hold a master link. really well done.’